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Dear clients!

The State Insurance organization of Turkmenistan informs you that electronic payments service is now available on our website with the aim of insurance premium payment.

In the period of technology improvement many operations are carried out in electronic form. Organization of different services via internet increases demand on current technology. The electronic payments system is created in the aim of comfort conditions of clients and avoidance of transport costs for specially coming and paying the insurance policy.

Familiarizing yourself with electronic payments order you will be able to make defined non-cash payment of insurance premium according to insurance agreement via plastic card “Altyn Asyr” by the use of official website of the State Insurance organization of Turkmenistan!


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  • Insurance is beneficial partner

    In the age of power and happiness insurance along with other sectors of national economy led by our Respected President improves systematically. It is insurance that has become the means to protect customers from financial and social turmoil, various natural disasters and accidents, and ecologically unsafe industries.

    Dear citizens and directors of organizations and enterprises!

    Dear citizens and directors of organizations and enterprises!

    We remind you about the conclusion of policies on state obligatory third party civil liability insurance of motor vehicle owners (carriers).

  • Dear Parents!

    The State Insurance Organization of Turkmenistan invites you to conclude voluntary accident insurance of your schoolchildren.
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